For many years, UK nationals wanting to retire to sunnier climes with a relaxing quality lifestyle have for many years chosen to move to Portugal. 
From the golf courses, beaches and restaurants in the Algarve to the vineyards and culture of Porto, Lisbon and the north, there is a villa and lifestyle to suit all. 
On top of that, UK nationals can benefit from the very favourable 'non-habitual residence' tax rules during their first ten years in Portugal.

About Portugal

'Wet or fine, the air of Portugal has a natural happiness in it and the people of the country should be as happy and prosperous as any people in the world.' - HG Wells

Portugal is the oldest nation state in Europe and the Portuguese Empire was the first global empire in history and the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 effectively gave Portugal half of the 'new world' at that time. Its culture heritage is evident today with medieval castles and villages with cobblestone streets that fascinate all with even a passing interest in history. With year round sunshine, golden beaches, breathtaking views, almost 1000 kilometres of beautiful mainland coastline, and golf courses and restaurants to cater for every taste, Portugal offers a lifestyle in retirement second to none.

About the Seminars

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Our seminars focus on some of the practical aspects UK nationals should consider ahead of a move such as:

Where should I move?

What do I need to be aware of in buying property?

How do the 'non habitual residence' rules work and would I qualify?

How will I be taxed?

What are the implications of Brexit?

How can I act when the pound improves against the euro?

There is no charge for the seminar and refreshments will be provided on arrival and afterwards. The series of talks within the seminar address the areas listed above, for a total of around one and a half hours. Afterwards you will then have the opportunity to explore the issues from your perspective, on an informal basis, with any of the speakers over drinks and nibbles.


Christina Hippisley

General Manager

Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

Christina started her career in advertising and media relations, working first in London and then in Lisbon, before moving into magazine publishing in 1988. Having built a successful book and contract magazine publishing business in Portugal, with...

Gavin Scott

Senior Partner

Blevins Franks

Gavin has been advising expatriates on their tax and wealth management for more than 20 years and has represented Blevins Franks in the Algarve since 2000. Previously, he was a founding Partner of an independent firm of financial consultants in the Sultanate of Brunei..

Geoffrey Graham

Senior Partner


Geoffrey is a dual British and Irish national. After studying law at Birmingham and York and starting his legal career in Belfast and the City, he moved to Portugal. He has been living and working in Lisbon for..

Richard Lamberth

Partner & Director

Fine & Country

Richard Lamberth, is a founding partner and director of Fine & Country Algarve. He spreads his time between the Algarve and the UK where he operates his own business consultancy agency. Richard has a background in the...

Nick Jones

Managing Director

Premier FX

Nick had a long career in international sales and marketing in the Telecoms & IT sector before starting his own property development company in the UK...

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